The Importance Of Loyalties In The Colonies

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I once was a loyal citizen of my King and country, but then I came to the realization that we 're never going to be treated like his loyal subjects, not like the ones in Britain. Many of my fellow colonists also came to the same understanding. He has done many things to anger us. In the first place, the way he has taxed us even though it is a pocket-sized tax has left us feeling cheated and belittled. The King has felt it unnecessary for us as colonies to have representatives in his council. The Crown has placed the taxes so heavily on us that we have boycotted over and over and yet he has still not realized why. Case in point, the tea act it was not the heaviest tax on tea but it just enough to establish a difference consequently store owners boycotted buying tea. Then when that did not work a few people took it upon themselves and dumped the tea in the bay.…show more content…
Furthermore, they have abused their power and have attacked us and even in some cases people have died to their hand. For instance, during a protest in Boston, the Redcoats fired and massacred the people. Wherefore, after all these things were happening many people’s loyalties to the King were slowly dispersing. Thence some colleagues and I have decided to create a statement, A Declaration of Independence. After many meetings and long periods of waiting, we finally fabricated a final copy. When it came to my turn to sign, I thought to myself “This is the right thing to do for myself and my country.” Soon after the signing of the Declaration the king released a statement to the representatives stating that so called colonies had declared independence. As he spoke he said that in a foolish attempt to gain independence we had inevitably doomed ourselves. However, our spirit as a country will forever keep us
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