Why Girls Join Cliques

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“What is it like to be part of a clique?” asks a commoner to herself. “Do you want to sit with us?” She heard a girl said to the other. It is then followed by, “Do you have what it takes to become one of us, a Plastic?” A Plastic is a coined word from the 2004 movie “Mean Girls” wherein it is a clique composed of beautiful, wealthy, popular, and shallow girls who only care about themselves i.e., their social standing and appearance. Exclusivity and mutualism are for their personal benefit. They have a supreme leader that dictates all their actions and behavior in an environment wherein in turn, they, as a whole, set the trends of what is cool, stylish, and right in that environment. Loyalty to the clique has its perks - popularity, boys, and power. Frequently, they are the breeding grounds when a girl wants to be popular. But often, they breed mean and fake…show more content…
First, it is because of fitting in. A person will not survive if she does not fit in, particularly in contemporary times. Fitting in is a vital aspect of one's survival of their social life. They join a clique to fit into the public so that they could make many friends and avoid being bullied. That is where the second reason comes, for popularity. Most of the people today want to be popular especially the teenagers. Popularity means being the object of adoration and admiration to most of the people, but for some despisement and jealousy. According to Twenge (2006), 29% young people of the 1990's choose fame instead of contentment. Last, the third reason girls join a clique is for power. Power can be translated into good or bad, but for the Plastics, it is mostly bad. Due to their power, the Plastics have the capability to manipulate people or even destroy relationships and one's dignity. Girls want to join a clique so that they will not be stepped down or bullied by others. In addition to that, they have the power and protection of the
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