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In our world there are a lot of different kind of people. Some are nice, kind and very helpful or others or corrupted, cruel minded, greedy or evil minded. Every person has something good in them or something bad, but the one nature or the behavior which some people hate is using someone else for their own benefit. There are a lot of situations in which you see people using their friend or colleges to make them do their work, for example if someone uses his friend to buy him food every day by lying to them. Lying to someone in a wrong way or for your own good is not right because you would not be the person’s true best friend and plus you are not doing your own work. When you lie to someone and after some while that person finds it out, the trust between each other would not be there. I agree in some cases you have to lie for someone else which is totally fine because that is not good for you but good for someone else. I think lying and using someone else is wrong because you should be doing your own work and also the trust between each other won’t be…show more content…
For example if you get to know that your best friend has been using you for his own benefit then how would you feel heart broken right? You would not be wanted to be friends with him and keep your distance away from him too. Also when someone who you call your best friend betrays you then to trust someone else won’t be that easy because you would always have your doubt. This is side effects for the victim, now the person who started all this would have other problems too. First of all that person’s reputation would go down because everyone else would know about what has he done. Also even if he gets another victim, in his heart he would always be having the feeling of betraying someone’s trust. Also if the he keeps on going through his life with this same behavior, then his life would get very

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