The Importance Of Machiavellianism

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What is Machiavellianism? It is defined as any means (however unscrupulous) can be used by a rulers or leaders in order to create and maintain their autocratic way of governing. While bureaucracy is defines as a system of government in which most of the important decisions are made by state officials rather than by elected representatives.
Let us briefly cover how bureaucracy and Machiavellianism affect the structure of governing and policymaking.
In a sense, many political scholars have highlighted that “policy is the aspect of politics that concerns most people. In crude terms, policy consists of the “outputs” of the political process. It reflects the impact of government on society; that is, its ability to make things better or make things worse. As government has grown and the breadth of its responsibilities has expanded, bureaucracies have come to play an increasingly important role in political life. No longer can civil servants
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Indeed, for Machiavelli the end of politics is power 's conquest and maintenance, which is a work of art to be performed. On the contrary, according to the nature of things, the end of politics is the common good of a united people; which end is essentially something concretely human, therefore something ethical. However, is this the case of modern Machiavellians and more especially the Moroccan ones? One thing I know for sure is that those Moroccan Machiavellians make sure that they get it and they would not care less what type of damage, whether intentional or collateral, they might leave behind. They make sure that they, and their entourage and sympathizers, thrive and achieve what they have always

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