The Importance Of Machiavelli's Speech

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Machiavelli gives an ideal view of the of what qualities a political leader should emulate. The importance of an ideal leader is to earn the respect of its followers as well as maintaining that respect. It is, therefore, important to keep in touch with them at all cost. In light of this, President Obama and the White House have set up what is called a Weekly Address. It is fitting that the speech of November 14, 2015, dealt with “giving veterans a chance” (“Weekly Address: Giving Veterans Their Chance” n.p.). In terms of Machiavelli’s principles, the leader of the country rules the nation by employing its “old conditions, and not being unlike in customs, [people] will live quietly together” (Machiavelli 6). The United States is an example of such a place, where every new rulers have different policies, but exhaust every avenue to keep citizens happy and living together even if it is only on the surface. The veteran’s speech gives an indication of how, even under new rule, everything remains as is. Getting behind the soldiers is one way of getting the nation united, and keeping them united (Machiavelli 6). In the USA those who serve in the army has high value to the government as well as the nation. In his speech, President Obama reminded the nation that the people should return the favor of the veterans who have served the nation (“Weekly Address: Giving Veterans Their Chance” n.p.). The essence of keeping the citizens of a nation safe from harm or “injury,” is vital. Even

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