The Importance Of Magic In Literature

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2.1. Magic
Magic is the use of extraordinary power to make possible something impossible (Bailey, 2006 & Asprem, 2014). Magic has become an essential element that attached to fantasy. It serves to advance the whole story becomes more interesting. Martin (2010) says that magic is the central of fantasy stories. According to him, magic can lead the reader into a bored and uninterested mood if it is done poorly, conversely, it will fuel an astonishing and incredible story if the author can create a sophisticated and interesting magic. In order to make an interesting magic, therefore, author needs to create the rule on how the magic will work along the story.
2.2. Magic Law
Nikolajeva (1988, as cited in Watts, 2006) states that magic law is rules that apply in order to build up an imagined world. She highlights that it is important to follow the laws made by the author in the early phase of the invention of fantastic world. Sanderson (2007) adds that the rules and laws for magic are important to avoid the risk of Deus Ex Machina (contrived
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Hawthorn (2001) states that there are eight elements of fiction which are very useful in analyzing fiction; those are narrative technique, plot, character, structure, setting, theme, symbol and image, and speech and dialogue. Nevertheless, this study will only use several elements of fiction that related to the topic of the research. The elements are plot, character, setting, and theme.
2.4.1. Plot
Plot is the arrangements of events that build up a story. Hawthorn (2001) claims that plot an organized sequences of events and actions. According to Tuttle (2005) plot consist of three main parts: first is the beginning, where there is the introduction of setting and characters. Second is the middle, where the conflicts worked out of by the actions. Last is the end, where there is resolution of the conflict.

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