The Most Handsome Drowned Man Analysis

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Throughout time the literary term magic realism formed. Magic realism is when a story is based in an ordinary world and only has one element of magic in it. The one element of magic tends to just be accepted by every other character in the story. This term first started out as a form of art, then later was put into writings. Magic realism is a very broad category and has very few rules that have to be followed in literature. Every magic realism story has a hidden meaning in it. Even though there is magic and mystical events occuring in the stories the writer makes it believable that the events could occur in human society. There are two main types of magic realism. One is where there are small elements of magic placed throughout the story and the characters do not act like they are magical. The second is where there is one main element of magic and the characters will distinguish it as not normal, but will not react to it in a way that people would normally react. Four stories…show more content…
“The Most Handsome Drowned Man In the World” the out of the ordinary aspect is the dead man that has not decomposed and is told to be very handsome. In the short story “A Very Old Man with Enormous wings” the magic is the man with the wings. The book “The Metamorphosis” has a boy named Gregor turn into a insect as the form of magic. The movies “Orlando” has the out of the ordinary aspect as a man who changes his gender throughout time and never ages. The authors in these stories use magic realism to exaggerate situations and make them more interesting for the reader. All four of these stories are based in the real world and not some fantasy place. These four stories show how the community judges people differently based on their appearances.This makes you think about how people in the world change and react to events that humans encounters. Does appearance affect our opinions as much as they do in these
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