The Importance Of Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle

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Lifestyle is defined as patterns of behavior or the normal manner a person goes about daily living. It is a group of attitudes, habits or values that may or may not be associated with a particular group or person (Corbin, et al., 2010). Each person possesses a distinct lifestyle that encompasses one’s typical actions and surroundings on a daily basis. Factors distinguishing a person’s lifestyle include one’s habits, career opportunities or employment, financial state and emotional well being (“Megahealth Lifestyle”, 2008). All these factors may be affected or influenced by various elements such as culture, family, reference groups, social class, and other elements in a person’s environment, which may also define if a person’s lifestyle is healthy or unhealthy (Jacobs, 2010). Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is vital for a person as according to numerous publications, it reduces disease occurrences, morality rates and can even encourage a positive outlook in life (Wang, et al., 2013). Important components of maintaining a healthy lifestyle include eating healthily, having an active lifestyle, managing stress, self-love, taking control of one’s mind and body and finally balancing all these components (Lewis, 2010). An individual aims to achieve this healthy lifestyle, although this is not usually the case for students. The lifestyle of a student prioritizes studies causing late nights and take outs but at the same time also prioritizes maintaining a social life, which means

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