The Importance Of Management Styles

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Management Styles and Structures

The key to being an effective leader is to have a broad repertoire of styles and to use them appropriately.
-Rosalind Cardinal
What Is A Management Style?
Management style is the manner in which an organization manages its employees and their work activities and will vary depending upon factors such as the characteristics of employees, the work activities engaged in and the culture of the organization. A successful management style should effectively build teams and be able to motivate.
Styles of Management:

The directive style of management (also known as the coercive style) has the primary objective of immediate compliance from employees. It involves coercion and persuasion on the part of the superiors so as to closely control the employees, steer and motivate them and improve their performance by threats and discipline. The manager initiates and gives orders to his subordinates but restricts
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The leader takes time helping the team to bond. It reduces the emphasis on the performance of employees and completion of the task and highlights its importance on human behavior and human beings. The leader avoids conflict and weighs on personal relationships among the employees. He tries to keep people happy through motivation. This style of management is effective when used with other styles and when there are routine tasks and the performance of the employees is adequate. As against this, it is least effective when performance is inadequate since affiliation does not emphasize on
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