Technical, Human, And Conceptual Skills

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Among total population in India over thirty percent of them are well educated and can possess skills. This means the world depend on them because Indians provide an educated workforce for today’s competitive and skill-driven workplace. As a reason Indian people are seen in specialized in various industries across the world. The study will be focused on the technical, human and conceptual skills. Workplace for most firms can be very different as the workforce today is filled with people from many different cultures, including male and female. People want a wide range of skills in order to contribute to a current organizations. As there are different types of skills study focuses on managerial skills required for employability to be
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At a minimum, the three basic skills that managers typically use are conceptual, Human and technical; and the proportion of one’s time spent in these areas may change as managers’ move up the hierarchy (Katz, 1955). For example, senior managers may not spend as much time in technical functions as those who are in first-line management. Top managers tend to spend more time using their conceptual skills. As emphasized by most management scholars, research has shown that education and experience help managers acquire relevant managerial skills that allow them to perform their jobs effectively, especially conceptual, human, and technical (Clem and Mujtaba, 2010). Jones and George (2009, pp. 17-18) provide the following definitions for human, technical, and conceptual skills: 1. Technical skills are job-specific knowledge and techniques. The specific kinds of technical skills depend upon the manager’s position in the organization. 2. Human skills include the ability to understand, alter, lead, and control the behaviour of people and groups. The ability to communicate, to coordinate and motivate people, is the principal difference between effective and ineffective managers. 3. Conceptual skills include the ability to analyze a situation and distinguish between cause and effect. Senior level managers require high conceptual skills because…show more content…
It should also be noted that promotion in the management hierarchy is often linked to a manager’s ability to acquire the management skills and competencies that a particular company believes are important as such, managers must become effective. “If you wait to live you will never succeed. Living begins today and it begins within you.” So the best university in the world is neither Oxford nor Harvard. The best university is "you university".
Discovery means an individual aims at knowing owns own strengths. The essential element of the individual is Personal change and that happens through a journey of discovery. We can find out more about ourself through basic personality, how to transact with other individuals, preference of thinking and taking decisions through MBTI. As learning styles differ from one individual to other individual it gives a clear insight of what type of learning that we possess, How we do things, out of lot many positive resources that are available to us is

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