The Importance Of Managing Cultural Diversity

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Managing cultural diversity Introduction: In the twenty first century the main challenge the leaders and the mangers may face will be managing cultural diversity in their respected organization. Today’s complex world business or organisation success is depending on how they deal with their employs and customers. They can’t focus on one culture or ethnicity. To deal with it mangers vision should be more global, they have to reach to the different cultures, different age group or different religious backgrounds to add value to the organization . In my assignment I will discuss about the important of managing cultural diversity in work environment. How mismanaging cultural diversity effects the organization and at the end what I think about managing cultural diversity Definitions :Manager is define as someone who gets things done with the aid of people and other resource (Rosemary Stewart 1967) culture means customs and social behaviour of particular people or society . Diversity can be defined as variety or difference. As we know every person is unique they have their own personality different educational background own culture beliefs, gender role, seniority ,religion or race which human beings has categorise by themselves . While reading for this assignment I have come across to a fact that “in the united states one out of two people are working for a company for whom they have worked less than five years” (Rober, 2014) which gave me an idea of why managing
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