The Importance Of Mandan High's Best Teacher Award

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Everyone has a story about his or her favorite teacher growing up; in fact, one would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t have a boastful story to tell. Usually this teacher is, “super awesome,” because he or she allowed talking in class, always had easy tests, or perhaps slipped a few extra points to get students to that A. Although there are a few teachers at Mandan High School who fit that criteria, the teacher deserving of Mandan High’s Best Teacher Award is far from any of the aforementioned. Mrs. Saur deserves the award for Mandan High’s Best Teacher, not because she is the easiest or the most fun, but because her passion for teaching runs through every vein in her being. Few teachers have the capability to captivate a class’s attention the moment they walk through the door. “Morning Class,” are the words passing Mrs. Saur’s lips day after day and within seconds the class falls silent. Not because her students fear her but because they know that for the next 50 minutes’ students are expected to devote a 100% of their mental capacity…show more content…
Saur, is her unbelievable work ethic. Few teachers make themselves more available than Mrs. Saur, if students need help, she will make the time. From working before the birds even start chirping to coming in on the weekends to grade papers, students can feel the pride she takes in her job. Furthermore, she not only places a grade on the papers, but she is sure to fill up even the best papers with red ink from her multitude of comments. Despite the workload that Mrs. Saur places on her students, she tediously and meticulously grades every assignment to be sure her students are grasping the concepts she is teaching.
Additionally, it takes weeks for some teachers to enter a scantron test, Mrs. Saur has several classes worth of essays graded in just a few days. The care and time it takes for one class’s essays is more than other teachers spend correcting during an entire
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