Extracurricular Activities In School

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Mandatory activities should be enforced into the school systems. To many kids are not contributing enough to their school by just being superb in the classroom. Some kids don 't even discover their ability because they are scared of not making the team or being joked on. That is one of the essential reasons why I think that extracurricular activities should be imposed to every single kid in the school. Also extracurricular activities is a fun time for everybody even if you don 't like what you are being forced to do, you will find something marvelous out of it.

Everyone in the school building should engage in something in your school. Some kids just do nothing and there is nothing wrong with that , but why if you can be a star athlete everybody talking about you on social media and around school, even teachers that you don
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Sometimes you have some kids your in your grade that are bullies and try to take advantage of the kids that are smaller than them or even younger than them. Bullies can literally ruin some ones life. Multiple people around the country have killed themselves because they are being terribly bullied by someone. When situations like this happen, it 's not all the kids fault, sometimes his parents might hit each other o his parents might hit him and he just takes t out on the kids at school which is not helping nothing. So if you set a rule to enforce extracurricular activities that bully can just take his anger out the sport he is playing. So the kid who is being bullied won 't be bullied anymore. Then everybody 's happy and everybody is friends. Friends are a real key to sports because you need to have a good chemistry whatever you are playing. So if you want good chemistry you need to get to know your team, which pretty much forces you to spend time with your teammates.Social life plays a big part which is a good thing even out of sports its just good in
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