The Importance Of Mandatory Vaccinations

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Modern medicine provides people with the ability to protect themselves from the world’s most fatal diseases. Merely a century ago, it was not uncommon for a child to die as a result of diseases such as polio, pertussis, and tuberculosis. Today it is highly unlikely for a person to contract these diseases, let alone die from them. However, refusal of vaccinations has been increasing throughout the years. This is due to individual’s unfounded fears and imagined consequences associated with the idea of purposely inserting a disease into one’s body. Despite one’s beliefs, vaccines are essential not only to a person’s well-being, but to the health of those around them. Mandatory vaccinations do not cause autism; rather, they save lives while also …show more content…

According to John Timmer, a senior science editor, “childhood immunizations are estimated to prevent forty-two thousand deaths and twenty million infections” annually. Additionally, vaccinations save an estimated total of 14 billion dollars a year. Contrary to the blatant benefits, a greater quantity of individuals have been refusing to vaccinate their children, dropping immunization rates (Timmer 1). The recent decrease is extremely problematic as it affects herd immunity. “Herd immunity occurs when a few unvaccinated children are protected by the fact that almost everyone around is vaccinated and therefore cannot infect them.” This immunity is essential to those who cannot be vaccinated due to specific health complications. However, herd immunity is only effective if 80-90 percent of the population is vaccinated and due to the anti-vaccination movement, this percent is not only breaking down but putting lives at risk (Timmer …show more content…

It is beneficial, lawful, and does not cause autism. The belief that autism is produced by vaccines stems from falsified research and persists today due to mere coincidences. Unfortunately, society is seeing the repercussions of the anti-vaccination movement with the return of easily preventable diseases. A parent rightfully wants to do what is in the best interest of their child, and vaccination is a safe and effective way to ensure the health of a child. Protecting a child’s well being is worth a little temporary discomfort and a few

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