Manorialism In The Military

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Manorialism is a key part of why the feudal system is able to run, and is critical for both the economy and military, and for people to get their needs met. The manor supports both the military by allowing for the lords and knights to meet their needs. The manor allows for lords to meet their military duties by acting as the basis for fiefs given between the king and his vassal (Stark). These fiefs are essential to the formation of military obligations between these two classes. Because now with the manor and the transferring of it between them through the oath of fealty, the lord is able to get his army of knights and the vassal is able to meet his own needs (Stark). The manor also allows for knights to both fulfill their military obligations and survive (Stark).…show more content…
This key facet of the feudal system is only made possible due to manorialism. This along with the how manors are used as fiefs are how manorialism helps support and reinforce the feudal system and the military. The manor supports the economy and allows for the different classes of the feudal system to help meet their needs. The manor foremost is an economic system and a way of organizing small communities to help adapt to the new way of life in europe
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