The Importance Of Manpower

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Work force" means the ability of all individuals participating in the course of the economic process to possess the physical and mental capabilities already existing in the human body or acquired through accumulated experience and training from generation to generation and Which man sets in motion by producing use values.

The use of the labor force is the fundamental condition of the productive process in any society. The expenditure of labor power has as its objective the concrete work, that is, the production of previously defined use values. In the process of production, man not only acts upon the nature that surrounds him, but also acts to develop his habits and work experience.

The productive capacity of labor depends on a number of factors, including the average degree of agility of the worker, the level of practical applications of progress in science and technology, the social organization of the production process, the technical division of labor , The volume and efficiency of the means of production, vocational training, natural conditions and many other factors. These factors do not act in the same way in the different socio-economic structures and their action is determined by the existing social relations.
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