The Importance Of Marine Destruction

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Marine destruction is one of the many crisis nowadays. It is definitely not just a local crisis, it is a global and environmental crisis too. The marine habitat is being devastated just for economic purposes, food purposes and what not. The oceans are being used as a waste; Our waste dump. Moreover, it’s also the things we do on land that contribute a huge part in marine destruction. In fact, researches have shown that around 80% of marine pollution starts on land. Countries all around the world are suffering the loss of marine life, most importantly the coastal regions. Therefore, this is a crisis which must be solved before it gets too late leading to great loss of biodiversity and an increase in extinction of species as a result of overfishing and similar human activities. Destructing the marine life will, in turn affect us too, and it might be really severe. The government of Norway believes that marine life destruction must be stopped as it’s not a given right. International Organization bodies are trying their best to prevent this crisis and find the best solution for this problem as this also puts the human safety on risk. The nutrients and coastal impacts research program of UNESCO IOC concentrates on the climates and nutrient interactions as well as focusing on ways to provide better methods for managing nutrient being washed into oceans and seas. UNESCO IOC and UNEP had published the policy of guidelines on monitoring marine litter. The GESAMP is sponsored by

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