The Importance Of Maritime Safety

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Shipping is possibly the most international of all the world’s great industries nowadays and also become one of the most dangerous industries. Therefore, by developed the international regulations that must be followed by all the shipping nations are the best way of improving safety at the sea. ("Maritime Safety", n.d) The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is a specialised agency of the United Nations that responsible for regulating shipping and for maritime safety. ("International Maritime Organization", 2015). Then, it has also developed and adopted international collision regulations and global standards for seafarers, which is includes the international conventions and codes relating to search and rescue, the facilitation of international…show more content…
First, the Personal Protective Equipment is important to make the workplace safe includes providing instructions, procedures, training and supervision to encourage people to work safely and responsibly. ("Personal protective equipment (PPE)", 2015) Then, the equipment that must be wear by the workers can reduce exposure to hazards. Thus, during work, it is important to follow the safe work practices and procedures and wear the correct PPE. The PPE must be the first source of protection at workplace. It include basic protection such as eye and face protection, respiratory protection, clothes and gloves protection. ("Safety Tip Personal Protective Equipment",…show more content…
The shipshape safety means every one of the workers must verify that their work environment are in a good conditions. They must ensure that their working environment are well controlled and have a good housekeeping. Housekeeping goes past individual cleanliness which also includes keeping work areas orderly, taking carefulness of any slip-and-trip risks as soon as they emerge and evacuating waste and fire hazards consistently. ("5 Best Practices to Prevent Workplace Accidents", 2011) Many workers does not recognize the negative impacts of poor housekeeping. If they keep that bad habits during their works, it will effect a more serious health problem and injuries will easier to happen. Moreover, when there is no safety hazards signs, the paper, debris, clutter and spills are not arranged properly and it became the normal condition of workplace that gives a huge risks to the workers. In this way, the top management must make a survey at the workplace regularly and pay more focus and consideration based on the rules and regulations of the workplace. As a workers, they must also report the risks or any other lacks of equipment immediately to the management and the management must take a quick actions based on the report that they received. ("5 Best Practices to Prevent Workplace Accidents",

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