Marketing Communication Case Study

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Marketing is considered as one of the crucial parts of an organisation to increase the market share and promote the company towards sustainability. The advertisements are essential for the organisations, as this enables companies to convey their messages that they want to offer to their targeted customers (Bilkey, 2015:76). There are several ways of marketing communication that are considered being the most effective one. In this case, it can be stated that traditionally marketing was mainly done through making advertisements on televisions, leaflets, magazines. However, with the passage of time, it was observed that the techniques of marketing have changed a lot. With the inclusion of social media, the marketing efforts are becoming more prominent…show more content…
The marketers depend heavily on the mass media to grab as much as consumers in the segmented or targeted markets. The Communication of the mass media facilitate the relation between the seller and the buyer, as well as, it creates a strong customer relationship management through getting feedback from the advertising itself. As opined by Kahn (2013:215) it has been observed that mass media has been highly successful in encoding messages to the customers regarding the different products available in the market. This in turn would assist the organisations to comprehend the requirements of the customers’ expectations from the organisations. Therefore, it can also be stated that mass media helps in developing an excellent communication with the customers. According to La Rocca et al. (2015:170) stated that by communicating well with the customers assist the organisations to understand the expectation of their customers. The proper means of communication enable the companies to enhance their sales level thereby increasing the profit margin as well. The mass media is primarily employed by the companies in order to reach a mass audience thereby making the process of marketing more
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