The Importance Of Marriage

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Marriage is one of the important institution in human society as it is a universal phenomenon that has been developed over time and currently, still continues to grow. Stephanie Coontz (2006) mentions, “Marriage is a social invention, unique to humans” (p. 34). As a result, the aim of this paper is to illustrate that clear communication in marriages is the key foundation. Without proper communication, a relationship has no chance of surviving its prime. Therefore, to make marriages work, each partner must be willing to ignore distractions and really focus on the other person. At no point in life can one be perfect at anything, but we can most certainly prepare ourselves for the aspects of life that may bring adversities. On that basis, one of life’s biggest challenge is marriage and this is because marriage requires genuine communication and effective conflict resolution skills. Barry W. McCarthy and Emily J. McCarthy (2004) states, “One of the most important skills for a married couple is to recognize, address, and problem-solve differences and conflicts” (p. 71). By pulling relative ideas from various chapters in the course text, “Marriage, A History: How Love Conquered Marriage”, a journal article, and a book, this essay will first compare and contrast the information the journal article and book is presenting, as well as identifying how the major concepts relates to my ideas. Second, clarify the new insights I have gained from doing the research and third, it will
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