The Importance Of Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream Speech In Schools

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“Now is the time to make justice a reality for all of God’s children,” said Martin Luther King Jr. during his famous, “I Have a Dream” speech. (Staff) This quote created an enormous impact on the world. It helped people understand justice and fairness, which is why Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech should be taught more in middle schools and high schools across the United States, because of the major influence he created on people of different color/race, the history factor of his speech, and his importance to people in generations above us. Martin Luther King, Jr. should be taught in schools because of the import role he plays in history. America 's library said, “Martin Luther King Jr. was the most important voice of the American civil rights movement.” He stayed strong and would not stop trying to prove his point. When he presented his “I Have a Dream Speech”, the whole world looked at injustice differently. This created a giant impact on today. (Martin). If kids don’t learn about Martin Luther King, then they will miss a large amount of history in their curriculum. Everyone needs to know the important parts of history which does include Martin Luther King. If kids are taught all of the important historical events, then they will be able to share the importance of the history with others. It will always be…show more content…
created an enormous influence on people of different color. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech” was essentially about how race was not an issue and how everyone should be included. (yourdictionary). This speech showed everyone of a different race, you must be fair to the people that are a different race than you. Also, he influenced people to fight for civil rights. He influenced them, because of what he did in his protests and powerful speeches. His influence on others should be spread to the younger kids that did not experience the influence entirely. He created a giant influence that everyone needs to know
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