Masculinity In Crisis

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Masculinity is more or less the gender role ascribed to males. It is basically what society expects of a man, and basis upon which a patriarchy separates men from women. This gender roles includes attributes such as but are not limited to courage, independence, and assertiveness. “What our culture means by “a man”, however, is a construct. It is something that does not occur in nature. It is a supernatural creature of extraordinary emotional, physical and mental resilience.” Exactly this, we as men are expected to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the pack, though our actions, and even through our attributes alone, which is ridiculous because all human beings have a more or less an equal range of strengths and weaknesses.

However what
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Australian archeologist Peter McAllister said, "I have a strong feeling that masculinity is in crisis. Men are really searching for a role in modern society; the things we used to do aren 't in much demand anymore". As stated before the change in the demand of skills has a huge role in this crisis. Another aspect of the crisis is the changing labor market as a source of stress. Deindustrialization and the replacement of smokestack industries by technology have allowed more women to enter the labor force, reducing its emphasis on physical strength. Therefore it has always been a challenge for man to maintain their monopoly and fulfill…show more content…
As an extension of that masculinity affects career paths. It makes certain career paths for men acceptable and other career options not necessarily acceptable. For instance you will not see many first grade male teachers as it is considered a relatively easier job not worth a man’s time and skill. Masculinity also impacts men and boys in terms of how we deal with our relationships, whether they are our friendships, or even our romantic relationships. Clearly there are certain expectations for men and boys grounded in masculine expectations that sort of dictate how we are supposed to act. For instance it is considered a man’s responsibility to ask a woman out and be the forerunner when it comes to being romantic. In such a scenario it is the man who has to deal with rejection and embarrassment. But of course that is just a part of being this gentleman society expects you to be. However we do feel the same emotions as women and this expectation just heaps on the pressure. Another aspect of being a gentleman is being kind, well-mannered and chivalrous to say the least. This ideal which is expected by society, makes the burden

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