The Importance Of Mass Media

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One of the outlets to instil the Spiral of Silence is via mass media. According to the spiral of silence theory, mass media play an important role in generating opinion climates, which in turn influence political outspokenness among the public (Kim et al., 2004) The media plays an important role in dictating or perceptually dictating the majority opinion. North Korean media are under some of the strictest government control in the world. Freedom of the press in 2013 was 177th out of 178 countries in a Reporters Without Borders index, with only Eritrea ranked below. According to Freedom House, all media outlets in North Korea are commanded to serve as government mouthpieces, with the main news provider is the Korean Central News Agency. All 12 newspapers and 20 periodicals, including Rodong Sinmun, are published in the capital. All journalists are Party members and are vulnerable to death penalty threats if attentive to foreign broadcasts.

There are three state-owned TV stations. Two of them broadcast only on weekends and the Korean Central Television is on air every day in the evenings. Uriminzokkiri and its associated social media accounts like the YouTube and Twitter accounts posts imagery, news and video issued by government media. Through this exercise of total control over information and all sorts of media, there is a mass scale of brainwashing. Media is an important factor that relates to both the dominant idea and people 's perception of the dominant idea. Access
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