The Importance Of Mass Media

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For decades the public have relied on the media for accurate and credible information. In September 2017, Omar Sweeny, Managing Director of the Jamaica Social Investment Fund stated that eighty five percent of females living in the Mount Salem community are prostitutes. His statement was later found to be incorrect as he misstated the figures which should have been seventy percent inclusive of both males and females, hence he had to retract his statement on a subsequent newscast. This is a perfect example of how inaccurate information can have communities suffer long lasting stigmatization and demarcation as many of the female students in the community may have been resented at school due to this incorrect pronouncement. The Mass media has an obligation to circulate accurate information to the public, promote unbiased news dissemination and be willing to rectify false information released to the public. Although the Mass media promote transparency for policymakers and public bodies, they too manipulate information to suit their biases. As a result, the media nowadays is a powerful tool for political parties, special interest groups and the elite to use influence public opinion. Russia allegedly interfered in the 2016 US presidential election by hacking some of the major candidates’ private communication platforms and broadcast them to media houses. This manipulation impacted voter’s opinion, the polls turned around and an unlikely candidate won the election. Inaccurate

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