The Importance Of Mass Media In Chinese Education

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Nowadays, Mass media has stand an important role in political in our society. In order to stay closer to society, media is one of common and universal topics to discuss in this society (Teresa and Brea 2009). The accountability and openness are impossible in contemporary democracies without mass media. According to Balkin (1998) mass media helps the public to understand the operations of government, participate in political decisions, and hold government officials accountable. He also said that the democratic of politicians and governments may find that is useful to simulate the political virtues of transparency through rhetorical and media manipulation in the age of mass media. Besides, Knisch and Kratzenstein (2010) said the
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It usually is about language learning and national education policies. (Goh, 2012) the politics of Chinese vernacular schools is frequently being debated. Chinese vernacular schools are usually blamed for impeding national unity and accused of spreading anti-government sentiments by conservative Malay groups and by some in the ruling coalition's lead party, Umno. (The Malaysian Insider, 2015) It has an interesting phenomenon that there are getting more and more non-Chinese, especially Malays send their children to Chinese schools. A publication (The Malaysian Insider, 2014) stated that the phenomenon had shows that if there is still objection to such “integrated” Chinese-medium schools. The objection is not based on ethnic segregation. There is a report conducted by The Malaysian Insider (2015) said that 10% of the more than 600,000 pupils in Chinese schools are Malay. A letter written to The Sun newspaper last year put the figure at 80,000 Malay…show more content…
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