The Importance Of Mass Society

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potentially irrational and even violent . Earlier the term usually carried negative associations. According to Edward Shills, a new order of society has taken form since the end of World War I in some countries. It is the style to refer to this new order as the 'mass society'. This new order of society, despite all its internal conflicts, discloses in the individual a greater sense of attachment to the society as a whole, and of affinity with his fellows. The new society is a mass society precisely in the sense that the mass of the population has become incorporated into society. The centre of society has extended its boundaries. He further says that the mass society is a new phenomenon, but it has been long in gestation. According to…show more content…
It is almost impossible to imagine a life without media. Media is keeping us informed about the world and the events occurring around us. It also helps to form opinions and make judgments regarding various issues. “Society is influenced by the media in many ways. It is the media which keeps the people updated and informed about what is happening around them and the world. Everyone can draw something from it” . Media is expected to spread awareness in the society. It is the media that shape lives. Media have often played a role in the communication and promotion of new ideas and the adjustment to a new social or political order, apart from its traditional role of preserving and teaching established values . Media plays a very significant role in making the world smaller especially in the process of globalization and we connect with a large number of people around the world. Media not just confining to informing us about the world happenings and serving a means to connect with people, in fact it also affects our thinking patterns as well. The way we think and perceive various issues about the world is also shaping up by the…show more content…
Surveillance is apparently an important function, and the degree of audience depends on the media for news supports this observation. The surveillance function can be divided further into two main types --warnings or beware. Surveillance occurs when the media inform us about threats from hurricanes, erupting volcanoes, depressed economic conditions, increasing inflation, or military attack. Instrumental surveillance has to do with the transmission of information that is useful and helpful in everyday life. The mass media carry out this function by keeping us posted about the latest news in our own region and around the world. Mass media keep informing the society the events that make news. They keep us posted about the latest news in our own region and around the world. The other phases of the surveillance – news function

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