The Importance Of Mate Selection

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Mate Selections Intersexual selection is traditional process in which selection is dependent on the attractiveness of an individual's factors such as social background, race, color, status, political ideology, traditions and customs, religious rules, and other aspect. Mate selection in the social world is an interesting area of study among social scientists and sociologists. Choosing the partner is one of the life time process for any individual including the family members, relatives and social circle as well. However this depends upon the personal choice and consider the family, traditions and other believes as well. . Males look somewhat more to things as youthfulness in relation to self, attractiveness and popularity,…show more content…
By the 2016 census, there were more than 72,880 declared same-sex couple which are 0.9 per cent of the total number of couples and 33.4 per cent of those same-sex couples were married. That represents a tripling in the number of married, same-sex unions across the country between 2006 and 2016. (Eichler, 2018). However, the common factors like the religious people and the society more that the family members have lot of issues such marriages which were the overcome by the couples on the different time as they have to choose one as a wife and another as a husband to run the domestic life smoothly. Same sex marriage also have the issues and get divorced as the partners are not satisfied from the personal livings or get someone other…show more content…
The study is still going on the various consequences that are raised in all the type of marriages. Nowadays people prefers lots of the ways before welcoming someone to life as nothing is simple, does not matter the type of marriage the young folk start inquiring the person they meet by the various sources on the social media, family , friends and some involve the unknown persons to conform the second partner history and the preset life. Also the religious people also participate in this function of selection and have the great impact before and after the

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