The Importance Of Material And Non-Material Culture

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Culture is the way that people and different groups can define themselves in material and non-material ways. The book states that culture is “The language, beliefs, values, norms, behaviors, and even material things that are passed from one generation to the next. (Henslin 40) People define culture in different ways. An culture identifying its ideas is the values. Values are aims and the general standard for assessing what is desirable and undesirable. Material culture is another element expressed by culture because you can spot that someone is from a different culture from yours by their jewelry, ways of dressing(clothing), and also their hairstyles. Food is one of the most important part of the material culture; food helps symbolize different cultures and different taste from others. Material just does not have to be someone 's way of style, but also material objects that are different from your culture for example music instruments, and other physical objects. Then there 's non-material things that the book states. The book describes nonmaterial as “The groups way of thinking; in which includes beliefs, values, and assumptions about the world.” (40) Religion is a good way to define non-material things in culture. Religion is probably one of the most important things of non-material culture. The way people worship and their beliefs about God shows their differences between cultures. The book also states that “Symbolic culture is another name for non-material culture.”(40)

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