The Importance Of Maternal Education

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A mother is the main provider of primary care of the child. The type of care they provide depends greatly on their awareness and understanding of some aspects of the primary nutrition and health care. It is argued that women with high level of education have more awareness about child health care practices. She better takes care of herself and her baby in the period of her pregnancy. Therefore the chances of death both the mother and new born baby become decline. Knowledge of mother about feeding practices of children and child care have a significant impact on the nutritional status of their children. Education of mother affects the health of the children in many ways. Maternal education changes the belief and knowledge about diseases, causes, prevention and treatment and this has a significant impact on child health practices. More educated women are more likely to adopt measures to prevent diseases such as vaccines and mosquito nets and their use. They take their sick child to the clinic early and follow the instructions. They are more likely to understand the diseases and to clean water and sanitation as priority households.
Education plays a key role in national development. When it comes to the education of women, it is more important because women play a significant role in the training and education of new generations. Education of the mother is said to be a cornerstone in the development of the society. Minor social, economic and cultural outcomes for women remain

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