The Importance Of Math And Science

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Math and science are the backbone of education at any good school. It should offer its students with solid back ground in order to succeed, and excel in their future college and university studies. This will help students to achieve well in many major fields such as engineering, medicine, computer science and other highly needed specializations. Keeping this in mind the school needs to develop and implements a rigorous curriculum in Math and science based on clearly defined expectations for students learning. Math, and science curriculum should emphasize on critical and higher order thinking and problem solving skills that promotes active involvement of students in the learning process that includes opportunities for them to explore application of higher order of thinking skills and investigate new approached to applying their learning. Math and science curriculum should challenge each student to excel, reflect a commitment of equity and demonstrates and appreciation of diversity. Implementing this curriculum should involve active involvement of students in the learning process to ensure by ways of engaging strategies like understanding the objectives for learning and how the learning relates to everyday life in useful applications and innovations and discoveries. This also can be achieved through classroom activities, homework assignments and other projects base learning (Science fair, research projects) that enable students to apply their learning. Teachers should be
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