The Importance Of Media And Communication

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Week 1
What have I learned and experienced in media appreciation lecture

Media appreciation is studies that shows different sides of media concerns its historical and cultural and philosophical developments.

Influencing and Communicating: In fact, media could influence people in good ways and bad ways too, it actually depends on how people are taking advantage of it. People can share their researches and studies about different subjects such as Arts, History, Science, Technology and Socio-Economic and more so they can communicate with others through media. Actually, media can be used as a great source of education. Almost everyone is sharing their researches about different topics that people can study it and understand it . In addition, most of the people use media as an entertainment through social media sites, applications or YouTube. It also can be inspiring and motivating for some people to become better in whatever they want to become better in. We can browse about news and facts because almost everything new is uploaded on web.

Furthermore, there is two sections of people appreciation media. First section is people who create products and genre. they produce different kinds of media like printed media, broadcast media, photographs media etc. The second section is people who receive the media and appreciate it and try to work hard to be productive and so on.
Weekly task:
Definitions of Media
1.Most of the media tools are computer based that allows people to

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