The Importance Of Media Bias In Media

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A perception is a thought, belief, or opinion, often held by many people and based on appearances, and media gives people the ability choose how things appear. For both consumers and topics, unknowingly forming opinions based on information displayed in a biased manner is not only bad, but also, in some cases dangerous. Media has evolved over the years to become a powerful force that helps drive our perceptions about nearly every person, place, thing, and even events that have occured, are in progress, or will be taking place. When an individual consumes media, they are likely consuming some form of a person’s biased opinion and this impacts their own perceptions. Thankfully, there are many telltale signs of when bias is present in some form. Serial, a podcast created by Sarah Koenig about a closed murder case from 1999 where Adnan Syed, the victim Hae Min Lee’s ex-boyfriend,…show more content…
The presence of bias in media is both unfair to multiple parties and dangerous. This is unavoidable as everyone will form their own opinions as time goes by and they grow up in separate environments and are exposed to different things. Language is a wonderful thing, and it allows information to be passed on with or without forms of bias. What a person’s perception is based on can be heavily affected by how this information is passed and this can be a very bad thing. If one know how bias is displayed in media and distorts what is known they will be better informed overall. This eliminates the danger of consuming biased media. Facts are the most trustworthy things in existence, and the people cannot but must trust their beliefs even if they are formed as a result of bias, so everyone should sift the truths through the media no matter the platform, year, or
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