The Importance Of Media Cohesion

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I-Theoretical background
1. Scope of the study: Media discourse is a wide open discussion among all people. It is a mixture of different worlds that attracts each and every one. Media is constructing one’s character either directly by watching television or indirectly by skimming through the newspapers and magazines. So, it’s clear that media plays a vital role in our lives. Hence, it is the major tool mankind uses to pave his way in understanding the going on world around. In order to achieve this understanding, it’s necessary to analyze and perceive all different kinds of media discourse that face us in everyday life with their various techniques. One of the most popular techniques is cohesion. As a matter of fact it is a whole theory, which carries beneath many arguments. As
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4. Theoretical Framework:
Halliday and Hasan explain cohesion as a passage that the speaker can understand it easily and it forms as a unified whole. (Halliday, 1976, p.1)
Tanskanen states that Halliday and Hasan defined cohesion which, however, is slightly unclear. They say that cohesion means the coherence of a text with itself. (Tanskanen, 2006, p.19)
Renkema as well views cohesion in his book Introduction to discourse studies (2004) as the most salient phenomenon of discourse is the fact that sentences or utterances are linked together. For this "connectedness", this "texture", two concepts are used: cohesion, referring to the connections which have their manifestation in the discourse itself, and coherence, referring to the connections which can be made by the reader or listener based on knowledge outside the discourse. (Renkema, 2004, p.103)
The viewpoint presented by Halliday and Hasan which has been most severely criticized over the years is their insistence on seeing cohesion as a necessary property for the creation of unity in texts. (Tanskanen, 2006,

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