The Importance Of Media Environment On Communication

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Summary of chapter one
Media environment is changing every day because of new technologies, as there are major changes in all mediums like newspapers, television, videos recorders and magazines. The word “cyberspace” is a metaphor for the area that the electronic communication happens. However, these changes will never affect the important role of mass communication that is considered the society’s source of awareness.
Mass communication is sending a chosen message to a large number of different people in certain times that can be anywhere in the world. Mass communication has emerged with the new media environment, as there was a huge change in the internet and digitals televisions. New media environment changed communication as it became two-way communication, the media became more abundant and new important terms emerged like media convergence and electronic commerce. Media convergence is a very important
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In 1992 a new term was found which is “New News”. “New news” appeared after “Old News” and is considered a mix between telling information and entertainment, some people think that New News will wipe out Old News, but the truth is that they will contribute together for transmitting valid information to the people. Meanwhile, there are various changes in advertising as the ways of advertising are dynamic as they are in improvement. Target advertising is simpler and more effective than old-style advertising as this may be also called “collaborative filtering”, this means predicting what type of products the user likes according to what he/she accesses on the net therefore put the right advertisement for him. This type of advertising is more helpful and effective than any other type that was used in the

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