The Importance Of Media Ethics

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2.1.1. Introduction of Key Definitions and Concepts According to KOTHARI, C.R., (2014) explain the aim of the Literature Reviews as ‘The basic outcome of this review will be the knowledge as to what data and other materials are available for operational purposes which will enable the researcher to specify his own research problem in a meaningful context” This brief review of the literature provides an overview of the research focuses on the study on how far social media affects the mainstream media journalism ethical principles which include truth, fairness, balance, objectivism and accuracy as a key elements of professionalism and how the journalist used social media in their dail activities. Aim of reviewing literature…show more content…
Journalism as other professional field has their own rules, principles and cords of ethics that guide the professionalism. There is a consensus among philosophers that ethics is synonymous with morality and both involve human action (conduct, behaviour) (Pratt, 1988). The word ‘ethics’ comes from the Greek word ‘ethos’ which means character, while the word ‘morals’ comes from the Latin word ‘moralist’ which means custom or manner (Okunna: 2003). In the simple meaning the ethics is a moral concept or rules or an a sanders governing the conduct of a person or the members of the particular professional groups or organization, in every professional they have their own cords of conduct and their own sets of ethical principles that direct the members of such…show more content…
(Motamednejad, 2000). Media ethics consists of a series of covenants, behaviours, regulations, directives, and documents which the media editors or employees must adhere to in a society (Motamednejad, 2000). From multimedia to social media, the preponderance of digital technology in towards news work has the potential both to shift and reinforce journalists traditional norms and practices (Lasorsa, Lewis, and Holton 2012; Deuze and Marjoribanks 2009). Claudete, G. Artwick Lee,

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