The Importance Of Media In Democracy

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Media plays a crucial role in shaping a healthy democracy. It is the backbone of a democracy; it makes us vigilant of numerous social, political and economic activities happening around the world. Media has very important roles to play in democracy such as; projecting the problems of the people to the public, and protecting the fundamental rights given in a Constitution. Philip C. Galanis states in his essay The Fourth Estate of The Bahamas “For many decades, there has been historically a tug-o-war between the media and politicians in the Bahamas”. In his essay he explains the importance of the media and its effect on the general public. The media is supposed to be just like a warrior fighting with a pen or like a mirror which shows us or strives to show us the bare truth and astringent realities of life. However, in recent years the media has, like other agencies, come under the influence of politicians. Therefore, the media no more writes about the people’s grievance but in support of the ruling government party. It has been contaminated by political influences. Today, the media has many vital roles in a modern democracy such as; political lies, reviling the truth to the public as well as helping to aid with the hypocrisy of the nation. Democracy is commonly defined as by Abraham Lincoln “A Government of the people, by the people and for the people”. In today’s society, liberation and democracy walk hand in hand. Democracy, in my view, is only capable of exsisting with a
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