The Importance Of Media In Literature

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In "Dei Sepolcri", a masterpiece of Italian poetry, Ugo Foscolo said that poetry is the only thing that survives through time and because of it actions and people are remembered. I believe the same argument can be applied to media, to a certain extent. Actions and people are the main subjects of news, television shows and stories, but they are only remembered through the way media portrays them. This aspect is what makes this field so powerful and, somehow, scary. The ability media has to help, inform, shape and even hinder our society fascinates me.
I have wanted to become a journalist since I can remember. Passions are not easy to explain, especially the ones that substantially influence your life. It started with little things, like asking my mom about current events, but soon enough it became a powerful and insatiable desire to know more. I began doing my own daily research, watching reruns of BBC news and spending hours flipping through the pages of the Guardian to get a glimpse of the Arab Spring. There wasn 't a day I didn 't pick up a copy of Il Fatto Quotidiano to read on my way to school.
I have been lucky enough to get an incredibly good education. My high school studies focused on languages. I can fluently speak English, French and Spanish, along with Italian. At the age of 16, my English proficiency was already above average, but I could not settle for that. Therefore I decided to spend a year in the US to master the language that I learned to love more than my

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