The Importance Of Media In Politics

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Media can be defined as the main means of mass communication. It acts as an essential part of society. Allowing us to be informed and feel included. Forms of media have changed throughout the years enormously and with that said, has increased with importance. Media helps society form opinions on everyday events. This in turn allows for a bigger interaction with the world and not just a small community. This interaction with society is significant in politics. Politics can be defined as activities associated with the governance of a country or area, especially debate between parties having power. In politics it is important to keep a constant growth in one’s status. It allows for the possibility of increased power within their organization.…show more content…
It raises questions such as the Medias ability and willingness to educate the public on important issues. To a certain extent the articles must have a form of an entertainment factor. Yet they must also question the politician’s ability. In doing so, they educate and influence the public’s opinion on important issues that might affect society. The media is the only form of communication that allows politicians to connect with a number people at one time. In order to have an effective relationship with the people, it is important for people in politics to have a relationship with media. Therefore politicians might try to be entertaining, they might try to connect with people on a certain level such as posing for photos while volunteering. This essay intends to examine the forms of media communication within politics. It will then examine the types of relationships formed with media. I will then examine how it effects the public opinion. The essay will then critically evaluate this…show more content…
With this change media has continuously grown to be an important part of everyday life. Media communication such as television, radio and the newspaper have been a reliable source to many for decades. As growth of media sources continue, so does the way society uses them. Radio remains the most prevalent and accessible form of media worldwide. Radio can be a very accessible form of media. It allows communication to those who are illiterate and living in rural areas to have access and an understanding of politics views and debates. Children who listen to the radio will grasp an understanding of those within politics and the importance of certain jobs and issues. AM/FM radio is heard by a variety of decision influencers with 43% of respondents aged 25 to 54 saying they listen with their children, 38 % listen with their spouse or partner. "Where Radio Fits: Radio's Strengths in the Media Landscape", Arbitron, 2012 Television remains the most popular form of media. In addition, television allows for satellite transmissions. This has allowed a great amount of audience around the world view politics on a global scale. Television is a great source to debate live. Recent years television debates have increased as rally's and public speakings have declined. Using television for politics provides individuals with information in the comfort of their own

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