The Importance Of Media In Social Media

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Mark Twain once said, “If you don 't read the newspaper, you 're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you 're mis-informed.” However, I argue that this is simply not the case. As “fake news” becomes more and more prevalent among social media and mainstream media, the matter of truthful reporting has become even more important than it has in the past. Not only is it a moral responsibility for journalists to report the truth, it also the reader’s responsibility to discern by themselves what is true and what is fake. Only then can this country impede the decay of journalistic integrity. As of 2018, “fake news” has become a hot topic among politicians, journalists, and the everyday person. With the advent of social media, misinformation has become quite easy to spread. Anyone can become their own source of news on the internet through the many means available. Internet forums, self-created websites, and even YouTube videos are just some of the few ways people can spread information. Twitter, an online news and social networking service, has been under the spotlight recently. Our current President, Donald Trump, has frequently “tweeted” false statements on Twitter regarding political issues. According to Fact Checker, a political analysis column of The Washington Post, President Trump has made a total of 1318 false statements (including tweets) in his first 263 days in office. The Washington Post has also written that “President Trump is the most fact-challenged politician that

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