The Importance Of Media In Sports

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How does sport control the minds of millions? Everyone has a sense of curiosity, don’t we? This is what gets us so interested in when we see advertisements on TV or in Newspapers, or any other way advertisers can get your attention. We see something on TV like big hits in rugby league, or the best goals in Football. This is what gets us hooked onto a certain sport and encourages us to follow and watch the sport. This gives the sport more attention which allows it to grow as a sport, and within all the community. Media plays the biggest part in shaping our society and controlling the way we think.

A lot of sports don’t get the recognition they deserve due to not having the media and the numbers to back them up. In Australian society, the top 5 most popular sports are; AFL, NRL, Football (soccer), Tennis and Cricket (Russell, 2017). These sports are the most watched and participated in by Australians. This is because of the coverage and advertising they receive from the media.

Sports that don’t get advertised and aren’t all over the media, don’t tend to do as well as the other sports. Media plays a massive role in creating a sport and allowing it to do well. Without media, the sport does not get the funding that it needs which means they are unable to get the facilities and advertisements they need to grow as a sport. Peter Figueroa developed a tool to investigate the issues surrounding access, equity and equality in sport and physical activity (Reference). In the
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