The Importance Of Media In The Media

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Every day, we can easily get news and information from media, like the newspaper, radio, internet. Media, a way to cover news. No matter the incident are positive or negative, media have the responsibility that stands neutral and reports it. There are four major theories that media used when they covering the news: Agenda-Setting Theory, Framing Theory, Cultivation Theory and Uses and Gratifications Theory. Now, in this essay, i will focus on how Uses and Gratifications Theory and Cultivation Theory was used when media report about “care for the elderly” new.

In Hong Kong, care of the elderly problem is very serious and urgent. Since the population of elderly keep increasing, in Government sector did not put enough resource to tackle this private sector, people who run the elderly home cut budget of care the elderly to earn more money, it causes elderly home lack of manpower, The elderly are not treated properly. In this recent year, media disclose elderly abuse, in poor situation and violent treat. Last year, there a news about the care of the elderly was being a sensation and draw every people attention. The incident makes readers shock and media incessant to report this new.

The two news I had choose are “ the elder was take off all clothes in the open air to wait showers time” from Ming Pao, another is “Misuse of Straitjacket in elderly homes 85-year-old woman multiple bruises, SWD check whether involving elder abuse” from apple daily. In May 2015,

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