The Importance Of Media Literacy In Education

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The lack of media literacy and critical thinking among citizens became a central concern for educational institutions in all countries around the world. Since 1982 through different conferences lead by UNESCO, they have been working to face this issue setting up a conceptual framework to get a new approach for teaching and helping students became media literate encouraging them to acquire more power in society, taking an active role in what is happening around them. In our country the dearth of media awareness is a reality and media literacy in schools seems to be far of being in Ministry of education agenda.
Not long ago the access to the media and all the information presented in it, were controlled by a minimal percentage of wealthy people that owned newspaper editorials, radio and television stations. Underprivileged people were unable to spread information without using one of the three major communication channels. The same persons that hold the economic and political power were in charge of receive, manipulate and then show the tendentious information on Television, radio, and newspapers aiming at perpetuate the status quo of society.
This situation had a negative effect over world population that often is influenced by the media, that attempts to model how people have to look, how to dress, how to live, but more important how and what to think; Nevertheless new technologies and social networks have been rising as an alternative for those who became aware of the

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