The Importance Of Media Literacy

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Media Literacy Picture this scenario- It’s the early 90s. The FIFA World Cup finals are being broadcast on television. More than 25 youngsters have crammed into the living room of my grandparents’ house in a small locality in Shillong. They are among the privileged few that can afford a television set. The enthusiasm is palpable and in the moments leading up to kjkjdfkjkdj scoring the final goal, the tension in the room is thickened by the pungent combination of tea, waiwai, sweat and tears. Goal!kfjkjfkj win! And that night will be the hightlight of every single person in that room for at least another year. Fast forward to 20 years later. Jhdjfhj and Germany are playing the FIFA World Cup Finals. I am watching the match in the comfort of my room, my brother and parents are watching it in the comfort of their respective rooms. My friend, on a trip to the outskirts, is watching it on his mobile phone and villagers miles away from the city, are watching it on satellite television; yet others are listening to the match on the radio while strolling down a street. Media information has become ubiquitous today. Not only is media information available in copious quantities, it is available through various sources in varying qualities (Koltay, 2011). Arguably one of the main reasons for this is that new media technologies have increased the accessibility and portability of media information. Young children playing with mobile phones or watching cartoons on Ipads have become a
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