The Importance Of Medical Education

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Medical education is area of education identified with the practice of being a medical professional, either the initial basic training to turn into a doctor (i.e., medical school or internship position), after graduation additional training (e.g., fellowship and residency), or doctor assisted education. (Arshad, 2013). The medical education represents diversity in different nations; a few courses are 4-year graduate entrance program, others are 5 or 6 years undergrad programs. Numerous courses have early clinical experience and the limits in clinical and preclinical are not precisely clear. In Brazil, there is 6-year program, and the medical educational module is partitioned into 3 main parts as basic (1stand 2nd years), intermediate (3rd and 4th years), and internship periods (5th and 6th years). (Baldassin, et al., 2008). In Pakistan, medical education system follows the pattern as mentioned by Khan, Tabasum, and Yousafzai, (2009) that students wanted to be doctor 's sit in the Pre-Medical F.Sc. examination and effective competitors are obliged to sit in a Medical Colleges Admission Test (MCAT) before Merit Lists are issued for Public Medical Colleges in Punjab. Students who are unable to get admission in Public Medical Colleges attempt to get affirmation in Private Medical Colleges. When students get admission in the Medical Colleges they take after an detailed educational program throughout the following 5 years with yearly college examinations called Professional

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