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As us humans evolved, our knowledge in the medical field also grew. Medical technology and advancements is what helped us maintain a healthy state to this day. It is clear medical technology is important and helping tons of people. Medical technology helped us gather more information about the patient, develop different treatments for different diseases, and helped people with disabilities.
First of all, medical technology has helped both health professionals and patients in the hospital by gathering more information. As technology evolved, we were able to create different devices which could monitor a patient’s heartbeat, blood pressure, breathing, body temperature, oxygen concentration, glucose, brain waves, activity, and mood. For example,
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For example, in the early days, if someone had a cold or fever, people would assume the person had unhealthy blood. Therefore, surgeon barbers would cut the patients wrists and let them bleed. However, because of medical advancements we now know this is obviously a wrong treatment for an illness and know an illness can be cured with medicine. Medicine is an important medical advancement. Overtime, we developed medicine for illnesses, pain, and diseases. In addition, we were able to find different treatments for cancer, like surgery, stem cell transplant, and radiation therapy. Without these advancements, many people would have gone through lot of pain. Even though medical advancements seem great, others may believe medical technology may give negative results to patients. For example, radiation therapy can lead to negative effects like skin problems and fatigue. However, the health professionals would have tested the new technology several times to ensure the safety of the patients. Health professionals always think about the patients safety first and wouldn’t recommend any harmful treatments if not needed. Even if someone had to take a treatment in which could have some negative side effects, it is for the person’s health and the life of a patient is more important than any other negative side

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