The Importance Of Medical Technology

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New technological advancements are assisting people in their everyday lives, and the future for technology looks bright. But, alas, that which glitters is not always gold. Christian Lange once stated that “Technology is a useful servant, but a dangerous master” Society is becoming more and more reliant on technology, but there may come a time in which people solely rely on it to function. Technology is a useful and convenient resource, but humans are slowly becoming lazier and not analyzing the issues of technology. Through the issues of idleness and privacy, and the benefits of academics and communications; technology is shaping our lives for the better, and the worse.
In “Is Technology Making Us Lazy?” Doctor Paul C Ajamian and Doctor Robert Pinkert discuss new advancements in medical technology, and how it is changing the way doctors go about their practices. One Doctor states that the use of electronic medical records sometimes leads to errors, stating “For example, when you do case history with HMR, you 're basically filling in the boxes or clicking the answers, rather than writing out a detailed narrative. This "filling in the blanks" approach could dull our ability to take and record a meaningful clinical history.” (Ajamian). They continue to discuss how doctors are becoming lazy in physical examinations, and relying too heavily on computers. If highly educated individuals are becoming lazy in their vital positions, how are normal working class responding to their

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