The Importance Of Medicine In Filipinos

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A passion for science is usually not the main force or reason behind someone 's decision to pursue medicine, but rather something that complements his or her desire to help others and sustain life. Pursuing a career in medicine cannot be developed overnight. It is a long process of holistically developing oneself as an individual. This desire of pursuing this kind of career will eventually help our present world in facing and solving every challenge presented to it, relating to, of course medicine.
The term medicine in the context of the Filipino citizens is closely related to health. "Health is wealth", a significant quote many Filipinos live by, as well as people around the world. If a person is in good health, they believe that people around his environment will be comfortable to interact and create a relationship with him which is enough assurance for a person to live comfortably, and to live with such dignity and with acceptance from the society.
According to Ona (2012), every April in the Philippines, at least 4500 newly-licensed physicians take their oath and now ready to face the real-world as professional medical doctors. With the right hand raised, “....I will maintain the utmost respect for human life from time of conception......I will practice my profession with conscience and dignity.....The health of my patient will be my first consideration...” Having sworn to this oath, individual medical doctors serve their patients by assessing, diagnosing and treating
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