The Importance Of Meditation In Buddhism

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Buddhism in my understanding teaches the dependent origination of life that shows all life forms in the world are interconnected and nothing in this world exist in isolation and independency. There will always be causes and conditions determining our decisions and actions throughout our daily activities.1 For instance, I am doing this essay because I am a student in Buddhism teachings course; I am doing this essay topic because I am a science student who is a regular meditator. Even as a student of science, I simply enjoy the teachings of Buddhism philosophy through its religious preaching and meditation techniques. With that notion, I will attempt to establish a connection between modern science and meditation through this essay.
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Recent scientific studies have taken meditation as one of the parameters to study the thought process and physiological changes that occur in human body. The main reason is that meditation has been well adapted by western contexts to treat various physical and physiological conditions. Researches to date are predominantly dedicated to analyze the efficacy of meditation in improving these conditions and most importantly examine the underlying mechanisms. Thus, instead of considering meditation as a religious ritual, I will be focusing on how meditation play a role in human health and how the scientific studies are used to report the magnanimous effect of meditation on the mind, body and human well-being.

Connection between Science and Meditation

Sanskrit word for meditation, Dhyāna explains meditation is a mental exercise to achieve tranquility and observation that leads to ultimate wisdom and consciousness by nurturing the mind. Mindfulness meditation involves normally an upright sitting posture with minimal movements so that body can relax and mind may remain alert. Often, an object of meditation is chosen to purposefully direct attention towards the object to experience the present moment with an open

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