The Importance Of Memory And Memory

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The human body strong senses are,vision, audition ,gustation, olfaction and somatosensation these five senses help us develop memories and distinguish our types of likings. Without these senses the human body would not be possible to remember memory. Different senses can bring up past memories in the brain. Within the genre of perception using the senses to establish memory can help have each individual perspectives. Since memories are different to each and everyone this creates a sense of uniqueness. In the human body the olfactory sense specifically triggers the best memory within the brain than the rest of the other senses stated above. Understanding how the brain functions and connects with our senses is very crucial before one can develop a conclusion towards why smelling is the leading sense to remembering memories. According to the article written by Professor…show more content…
Countless of research has been shown about how music helps stimulate long term memory in learning new things or remembering the past. According to a research done by Annie Paul explains how, “the best way to remember facts might be to set them to music… medical students have long used rhymes and songs to help them remember vast quantities of information”. This information shows how the hearing sense can help many remember memories especially vital ones such as long term memory. Also according to a journal that the author discussed about in the article states, how adults learn a new language more effective when they sang words. For inference if someone were to play a song in a different language and replay it again the brain triggers a memory response helping the person remember the same language again. As can be seen by all of this information many believe that hearing primarily or listening to music can give the best vivid memory and helps the brain learn new things faster than any other

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