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Early identification and intervention for children with memory problems has been strongly recommended. Professionals in psychological, medical, scientific, and educational fields have stated the importance of the years between birth and five years, for learning. If there is any risk of difficulties, these early years seem even more serious (Blackwell, et al., 2009) as there is a history of research supporting the importance of early identification and intervention. One value of early identification and intervention is that it provides a base for later learning and could thereby raise later academic success experiences for children at risk. In addition, early identification can prevent secondary problems from occurring because it prevents the…show more content…
Specifically, the researchers claim, that among all working memory components, phonological complex memory usually predicts all reading abilities suggesting that a minimal ability of phonological complex memory is necessary for children to gain a normal reading level. In the current study, a battery of 28 tests assessing general and cognitive abilities, were administered to the preschoolers who participated. A total of 11 tasks assessed children’s working memory ability. Of these tasks, 9 were taken from the Automated Working Memory Assessment (AWMA) test suite (Alloway et al., 2005), which is suitable for this age, and 2 other tests were developed for the specific study via computer. The AWMA test was originally designed to be administered by computer, with the test items presented on the screen or spoken by the computer to participants in English. However, in the current research only the visuospatial subtests were administered via computer and the examiners in their language administered the verbal subtests orally. All children were tested in a quiet place by two examiners and the results claim that the tests that were revised in similar versions a year later have practical implications for the early identification of reading difficulties as well as for the design of optimal intervention about the memory

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